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At our salon, we believe lashes not only have the power to enhance a person’s appearance – but also empower their confidence. 

Embrace your natural beauty and unleash your inner confidence to feel like the hero/heroines of your own lives through our available services & training programs. 

Whether crafing a subtle, natural look or a bold lash statement, our clients trust us to bring their lash vision to life through our high quality, stylish and long lasting lashes. 

 All Eyelash extensions sets are handcrafted by our multi-award-winning lash master – Norah Mai – with your best interests at heart.

Visit website for more information about lash services (more styles) & our lash master Norah Mai

Our online booking for lash services is on available for Bloor location. For an appointment at Royal York location, please call us at 416-242-3888 to book. 

Classic Set & Wet effect

It is designed for those first entering the world of eyelash extensions. 

The choice is yours to choose either a classic set (one extension on one natural lash) or a wet effect style (3-4 Lashes on one as a closed fan). 

The Wet effect provides a trending wet look for our clients. In technical terms, a wet look is achieved by adding spikes (closed or narrowed volume lash fans), which makes it appear as if your lashes got wet after a shower. It feels similar to wearing mascara while subtly enhancing your natural beauty, making this set ideal for any occasion! You can easily put on makeup without interfering with the lash set, even when you want to dress up.

Designed for those who have a good amount of natural healthy lashes. 

Wet look set is our best seller in 2022-2023 because it gives your lashes a more enhanced look than traditional classic set while still feeling light and comfortable.

Full set: Classic $155, Wet effect $165

Refill price: (within  2-3 weeks): Classic: $90- $110 ; Wet effect $100  – $120

Volume Set

Having a volume set does not mean a big and dramatic set. It is up to you whether you prefer a more natural or glam look, and this set can be adapted to suit your style. 

We create the fans (hand crafted) that are suitable for the length and thickness of your natural lashes, then apply them on your lashes. The fans can be anything from 2D (2 extensions on one natural lash ) to 12D (12 extensions on one natural lash) to achieve a fuller and fluffier than a classic look. 


Full set: $175

Refill price  (within 2-3  weeks): $105 – $130

Wispy Set

We are the winners of this category because of our expertise in all types of wispy styles. So whether you want a light or dark wispy style, we’ve got your back!

We add spikes and volume fans to different layers of your natural lashes to create this effect. To get the best results, it is necessary to have at least average-length natural lashes (not too little) before this procedure so we can work on different layers of the lash line.

This set is ideal for anyone who wants a perfect set for any special occasion (wedding, photoshoot, and other special events). Because these are customized to your preferences, these sets are scheduled as longer appointments. However, the extra time is worth it since you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads with the final look wherever you go.

Price: Full set: $185+

Refill: (2-3  weeks): $125-$145

Norah is a two-time “Lash Artist of the Year” award winner (2022 & 2023), a multi-award-winning lash artist & lash judge with over five years of experience in the beauty industry.

She’s also an approved trainer by London Lash Pro and the author of the eBook “Mastering Macro Lens in Lash Photography.”

Norah’s perfectionism, extensive knowledge, and approachable personality make her a favourite among clients and an excellent educator in the field of eyelash extensions.

For more info about our lash master and our lash services, visit

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