We conform to the highest standards of safety and hygiene in Canada. From a natural look to a glamourous look, we customize the eyelash extension set based on your needs and the condition of your natural lashes. Each lash client will have their own service room and will be booked for two hours giving us enough time to go through all the necessary steps: from consultations, cleaning your lashes, checking proper lash isolations, and the final result – beautiful lashes. We keep a record of your personalized “Lash Map” and details of your lash set for every visit so we can make sure so you have a consistent, and beautiful look every time.

Classic Set

Designed for those who wear little to no makeup, this is also an ideal gateway lash set for those who are new to the world of eyelash extension.

Full Set $140
Refill $70

volume Set

This set can be customized to fall on the more natural or glam side – the choice is yours. Perfect for holidays, special occasions, or for everyday wear.

Full Set $165
Refill $85

Glam Volume

For the ultimate X factor, we have got the dramatic lashes that will last for up to 6 weeks.

Full Set $185
Refill $95

Norah has worked for more than 5 years in the beauty industry as a salon manager and a lash technician. Permanent cosmetic enhancement has become her passion. She has been trained to be a lash artist by the three champions of North America, Russian, Norway, and Vietnam. She believes that you can be the best in your area or even in the industry, at eyelash extensions, if you have the right skills, training, and tools to do so.

During her years of experience in the lash industry, she always maintains high-quality customer services. She is a perfectionist and that is one of the reasons why her customers always coming back to her. Her talent and extensive knowledge in eyelash extension work wonder with her approachable and friendly personality, a combination to ensure her client’s satisfaction, and her students a fundamental and comprehensive training.


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