Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa does not provide refunds for any service(s) and/or Gift Certificates purchased.

If you are experiencing an issue with your recently performed service, please reach out to us to discuss further details!

Quality Guarantee

Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa provides a 3-days guarantee period on all services in which you may return to the Salon to have repairs done free of charge! For shellac chips or nail extensions cracks the guarantee period is extended to 7 days

However, it is at Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa discretion!

If we feel that your product breakdown was not caused by an error in application, chemistry error, or exceeds normal wear and tear you will be charged for the nail repair service!  

Any additional repairs required outside of the 3-day time frame will be subject to an additional charge.

Late Policy

We ask that if you believe you are going to be arriving to your appointment late that you notify Ana’s Nail Boutique immediately with your estimated time frame.

If you arrive 5-minutes late to your appointment then a modified service will be performed within your booked time frame (ex: no nail art).

If you are 10-minutes late arriving to your appointment, your appointment will be automatically canceled as we will no longer have sufficient time to complete your service or modified service.

may result in the inability to reschedule, schedule future appointments or cancellation of already existing prebooked appointments with Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa

*** Unforeseen circumstances may be exceptions to this policy! Please speak with Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa directly to discuss. *** 

No Show Policy

We ask that if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time, that you please notify Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa immediately!

It will be at the discretion of Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa if we feel comfortable rescheduling your appointment.

*** Unforeseen circumstances may be exceptions to this policy! Please Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa directly to discuss. *** 

Other Nail Technicians Work

We will not perform services to clients if they already have existing product applied to their nails from another Nail Technician. 

We are unable to fully identify the method of preparation, method of application, and the product used in your previous service. Due to these varying factors, allergic reactions, adverse chemical reactions, and an increase in natural nail injury may occur. 

It is our #1 priority to ensure the health and safety of our clients both during and following their appointments with us. As well as provide them with a high-quality service!

We ask that if you are a client looking to book in with us that you please come to your service with bare nails or previously applied product by Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa.

Nail Fix Policy

We understand that external factors may cause you to experience issues with your nail services including broken nails, chipped nails, etc and that these issues may not be covered within our Quality Guarantee Policies.  

For fixes scheduled outside of a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment there will be a charge of $10 PER nail that is to be repaired or replaced.

For fixes inside of a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment there will be a charge of $5 PER nail that is to be repaired or replaced.

These costs do NOT include nail art or design that may have previously been on the nail needing repair or replacement. If you wish to have the design replaced this will be an additional charge based on the design chosen by the client.

Nail Fill Policy

Maintenance should be performed on Gel Nails services every 3-weeks to ensure the integrity of your service and the health of your natural nails.

Due to an increased product cost and increased appointment time required for maintenance on Gel Nails, those individuals who wish to receive or exceed a 4-week maintenance schedule will be charged for a Full Set.

There may be exceptions to this policy, as we understand that the rate of natural nail growth may be different for every client. We ask that each client discuss this with us so we can make appropriate appointment arrangements.

Age Policy

Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa believes in providing high-quality services to all our clients. Because of this, we only provide Gel Nail services on those individuals 16 years of age and older and we only provide Gel Polish services on those individuals 12 years of age and older!

Children and Group Policy

Due to hazardous chemicals, products and implements within the salon environment, Ana’s Nail Boutique & Spa asks that you please refrain from bringing small children to your appointment!