Eyelash Extensions

Dear Clients

As a trained, qualified technician, after a few years of trying different brands of eyelash extensions, I am excited and confident about the excellent results achieved with the "Xtreme lashes" brand.The application process is safe, painless and relaxing. Xtreme Lashes are applied to your individual eyelash hair by hair and will not damage your natural eyelashes or eyelids. The bond is seamless, there is no clumping and your eyelashes will transform giving you a fuller, longer, very natural, elegant and luscious look. Xtreme Lashes will last up to two months.
Xtreme Lashes is perfect for every day wear and for those special occasions. When the new lashes are applied you will find that:

“Your eyes will be the real focus of your face”.

Full Set:   $140

Maintenance Fill:  $60 - $100