• Sigita Brough
    Date: 2011/03/23 21:18:00

    My first call to Ana, was some 8 years ago...when, the nail salon, where I was a long-standing customer, was unable to 'fit me in'...then, I found Ana! In a desperate call, and knowing I had an important function and needing to get my 'nails done', she 'welcomed' me in... (I will never forget that). As a former executive, in retail and public relations practice, there is something to be said besides 'superfluous stuff' and a genuine desire to deliver heart-felt, professional and competent service in a caring manner to all clients. That's what I believe Ana is dedicated to! Ana's team includes two very special girls... Alana and Lammy! My husband, (yes, men are welcome too) has been so kindly taken care of by Alana..thank you! And Lammy, where would I be without you? Ana, Alana and Lammy...you are all very special...we love you! Ana's Nail Boutique is truly, for us, a 'gem' in Bloor West Village! Sigita & Michael

  • Christine Palladino
    Date: 2011/02/23 22:18:00

    I used to go to have my nails done at the spas where the customers are lined up for pedicures and manicures but I was never happy with the final results of my nails. I felt that they sanded them way too deep. I heard about Ana Nail Boutique from a friend that I travel with on the GO. Her nails always looked so nice so I decided that I would try Ana also. Ana, Alana and Lamy always give 100% when giving you a manicure or pedicure. The first time I had my nails done by Ana she commented that my nails were damaged but that she would get them back to a healthy look and now my nail look great all the time. I just recently had a pedicure by Lamy and it was wonderful. She placed warm wet towels on my legs and feet after the procedure and warm stones on my legs. She applied cream a gave me a wonderful foot massage. I highly recommend that you have the experience of a wonderful manicure and pedicure at Ana's Nail Boutique and Spa. All the best to Ana, Alana and Lamy. Christine

  • Cathie Robinson
    Date: 2011/01/19 22:17:00

    Ana Nail Boutique is a great place to get pampered relax and very professional services. My nails are looking fabulous. Service was excellent as always. I love Ana. Thank you.

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